photo of two second grade girls hugging and smiling while wearing their first communion dresses


  • Espiritu Santo Catholic School, within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Petersburg, provides an engaging Christ centered education that encourages spiritual, academic and social development of the student. 
  • Consistent with Roman Catholic teaching, students learn the importance of living out Christian principles of love and kindness while challenging themselves to excel in the pursuit of academic excellence, responsibility, and purpose. 
  • Students come together as a community by attending Mass weekly and on Holy Days of Obligation. Monthly prayer services offer additional faith filled experiences. Through the sacraments, songs and active participation, the students not only grow in faith, but also grow in grace and respect for God, themselves, others and the world around them.  
  • Students at all grade levels learn the value and importance of living out Catholic Social Teaching by showing mercy to others in need through various age appropriate service projects that benefit local and world-wide charities.  
  • Biblical principles and prayer permeate student life throughout the day providing a sense of comfort and connection to God and others.
  • Espiritu Santo Catholic School welcomes students of all faiths to rejoice in the Gospel values and to be unified by the Holy Spirit.
  • Sacrament preparation is provided through the Parish for students receiving Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.