The Athletic Program at Espiritu Santo Catholic School provides students the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons that contribute to social and emotional growth and foster respect, honesty, compassion, and hard work. We believe athletics provide opportunities for self-improvement and service to others, equipping the student for lifelong success.

Students at Espiritu Santo embrace the journey of learning, effort, and compassion for others. For this reason, Espiritu is proud to boast an over 85% participation rate  in athletics among our fifth - eighth grade students.

Objectives of Participation

Guided by these principles we offer a number of programs for all levels and ages. Our middle school interscholastic league runs the entire of the school year and covers 12 different sports. Recess tournaments, professional guest speakers and weekend jamborees also provide a chance to learn and grow. Our younger students can participate in hockey tournaments, intramural sports and special event opportunities. 

Athletics offer the opportunity for the development of team play and team spirit and foster respect for others. In addition, interscholastic competition allows the athlete to experience the joy of winning, the growth that comes from losing and helps us mature into positive, contributing members of our community.

Participating in athletics at Espiritu Santo gives students many opportunities to develop spiritually, physically and emotionally. Athletics teach those principles modeled by Jesus … sacrifice, self-improvement, good will towards others and honesty. In playing games, athletics allow students to learn strategies to help them compete now and set the stage for learning lifelong lessons.   

large group of Espiritu elementary school students wearing spirit shirts playing outside on playground