The Visual Arts program at Espiritu introduces students to the Elements and Principles of Art, art history and art appreciation beginning with budding PreK4 artists through eighth grade.  Art is offered once a week to introduce students to art, artists and art history, to guide them to discover their own creative expression and artistic voice.

The Arts help students to develop their ‘whole brain’, leading to complex problem solving, performing better in all areas of study. In a relaxed and bright, colorful environment, students gain awareness of different kinds of art, experiment with different mediums and supplies, and discover the beauty of art all around them.

Introducing PreK4 students to the simple basic lines, shapes and colors, they begin to understand how design comes together. With hands on experimentation with art tools, crayons, markers, scissors and paint, they begin to make creations that give each child a sense of accomplishment.

In Kindergarten through Third grade, the students develop confidence in the creative process, and begin to experiment with different forms of art and mediums.  With some teacher guided drawing, they discover the wonders of advanced lines, shapes and color blending, that assists them in creating what they visualize in their minds.

In grades Four through Eight, they improve their basic artistic skills and have the opportunity to explore and experiment with their own artistic choices. They can apply their newly developed art skills on long term projects and research. The study of the Masters help them analyze and appreciate art and different cultures. By viewing master works they find their own art voice, and how best to communicate their own design.

The Art Department finds many ways to introduce the community to our talented students. We participate in The Kiwanis Club Christmas Art Festival, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and The Safety Harbor Chalk Festival. We show off our accomplishments in the annual Sights and Sounds Night here at Espiritu. We also help to bring the arts alive during International Peace Day and Catholic Schools Week.

Espiritu kindergarten student painting while. in art class
student doing art