musical instrument


All students enjoy music class at least once a week throughout the year. The curriculum is “hands on” with a wide variety of instruments available for all ages to play. We listen to and study many genres of music from around the globe, so that students understand and appreciate what they play and sing.

  • Music is an essential in the core subjects of a young person’s education. It enhances and enriches the understanding of that we study and learn
  • Music builds a strong sense of rhythm and rhythm is math. It allows a musician to count, and divide the beats into recognizable patterns
  • Songs are rich in vocabulary and poetry and therefore, connected to language arts
  • Songs often recall the history of our country and the larger world. Music can tell a story and connect generations and cultures
  • For the human body to sing, or create sound from an instrument, is something explained only by understanding science

Music can transport us, calm us, and comfort us. It is a part of everyone’s daily life. Our music program offers:

  • Chorus and the opportunity to sing and play for mass each week and perform in the community
  • Guitar, ukulele and percussion to accompany the singers at mass, prayer services and concerts
  • Piano instruction so that students may accompany at mass and school-wide events
  • Band lessons allows students to transition as fine musicians into our Catholic High School band programs
two Espiritu students practicing on keyboards while inside music room